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In the past week I had the opportunity to finish working on and debut the first new video for our good friends at Stanlaw Fitness. This short, features assistant manager and personal trainer Rob Stanlaw. I’ve known Rob for years, but until working on this piece with him I didn’t know just how dedicated he is to what he does and how many people truly love working with him. He’s a quiet guy, so it was really nice to see him open up in the interview and speak so well about how he manages work and dad life, and how much love he has for his family. We’ll be working on a lot more of these personal stories for Stanlaw Fitness, so I hope you’ll check them out on the Local Business playlist on our YouTube page.

I was also, able to work with our partners at R.J. Walker and Co. on our first joint media training session. Our session focused heavily on conveying a strong message across any medium and the ability to cut through the noise from competitors and outside sources. Each training session is to be focused on the needs of the client in question, with some overall basic media and public relations information added for reinforcement. We had a great session with a CEO that is new to his company and was brought on right before the Covid-19 pandemic began. Needless to say, he hasn’t had time for much but navigating his company through this climate in recent months. Hosting a zoom meeting for this training was a great way to be able to touch base, and hold a mock interview, and get to know him through more than just his voice. We were able to provide some immediate feedback based on his questions as well as our mock interview, as well as provide him a copy of our informational material that was prepared exclusively for him, and an overall note sheet about what he did well and things to think about for future interviews. Our first session couldn’t have gone better and we look forward to working with anyone who needs media training in the future.

As the world, or at least the tri-state area, is slowly starting to open back up, things are going to keep changing, from wearing masks in public to how your media is made I anticipate a tumultuous year or two ahead of us. The best way to weather the storm though, is continued learning and the willingness to take some risks. Not everything is going to work out exactly as we plan, but with any luck and some hard work the new normal will evolve into a  positive future.

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