Looking Ahead

A look ahead at some of our next projects in 2022

           What a month. Now that we’re officially dug into the new year, the re-launch has been successfully running at my fully time job for a few weeks, and that theOlympics are officially over (and thus I can unglue my eyes from the TV), it’s a great time to share a few bits of news.


           First, keep your eyes peeled this week as we’ll be dropping 3 videos about maximizing your physical and mental health. Our friends over at Stanlaw Fitness held a seminar in partnership with BN counseling back in January and it was filled with excellent tips and enlightening information about how to treat yourself well in modern life, and in the age of Corona.


           Also coming up, an exploration of Sun Valley, Idaho in photo and video. I had the opportunity to travel to the much-heralded ski village and corporate retreat. I was lucky enough to be there during the Winter Olympics, and got to see some ski town fervor for the games; Sun Valley being the home of US women’s hockey captain, Hillary Knight. A total of 8 of our most recent winter Olympians call Idaho home, so it was exciting to watch some of the games with folks who know and love the sports and athletes being represented.


           We are disappointed by the delay of baseball season. February is often a time to travel to Arizona for cactus league games, or at least start planning some trips to ballparks (most often Chicago’s Wrigley Field), but unfortunately theMajor League Baseball Players Association and MLB are still in negotiations and it is seeming more and more likely that in addition to the delay of spring training, that the season may be delayed as well. This is disheartening as baseball fans, and additionally disheartening when it comes to some of our freelance work. Time will tell what will happen with the season but our fingers are crossed that these negotiations come to an equitable end quickly, and that the Cubs resign Anthony Rizzo (#foreverourcaptain).


           We are in talks about some corporate work, and are hoping that all moves forward in the next few weeks. And we are, as ever, anxiously awaiting the opening of the newAlamo Draft House in Staten Island, NY. The debut of the theater cannot come soon enough to appease us here at She Does It Live.

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