New You in 2022

Update on the latest at She Does It Live

Another year of Covid has come and gone, and we still seem to be dealing with this virus, who knows if it will ever end at this point, we may just have to make the most of figuring out new ways to enjoy ourselves. It's been a busy few months at SDL, some work with our friends at Stanlaw Fitness, a bit of sports work, and a whole lot of time spent launching a rebrand of the network at our full-time job. This rebrand has taken up a tremendous amount of time and mental capacity and coupled with the Corona virus surge during the holidays made for an arduous two months at work.

But, a new year, brings new ideas and new invigoration to accomplish things. In addition to some wide ranging personal resolutions we at She Does It Live have made some business resolutions as well. We are looking for new clients, we are planning to do a lot more travel videos, expanding our consulting partnership with Ryan Walker and Co., and finishing one documentary before launching work on a second. We've already begun tackling the new travel part of this resolution, and have another trip in the works very soon. We also had the opportunity once again to serve as a judge for the Broadcast Education Association's student documentary and news division film festival. Big things are happening and we won't let Covid ruin them. Keep your heads up!

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