October Updates

Some recent news and upcoming projects.

           We had a very exciting week and a half here at She Does It Live. We produced another video with our friends at Stanlaw Fitness in our monthly series with them. And we had the great fortune to shoot and produce a video for the folks at the Bayonne Irish Festival, which was great craic. In the coming weeks we’ve got the start of hockey season, so our work at NHL network will be ramping up again, a lacrosse tournament we’ve been hired to shoot, and of course the never-ending news cycle keeps us busy full time.

           In the wake of all this, Eileen took a semester off from teaching at the local college, but is using that time to research and prepare a syllabus on media literacy. She hopes to prepare a new course that can be taught to undergrads that helps them better understand the reality of how social and mass media platforms are used and the types of content presented, and how best to differentiate news, opinion, advertising, and learn how to safely navigate content.

           We are also still working on a short documentary with our friends at Gitworks Productions and Sunken Ships Brewing Company, we’ve recently scheduled our first interview for the documentary and look forward to sharing production updates with you along the way.

           Despite staying busy, we are always accepting new clients, pitches, and collaborations so get in touch!



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