I hate to be taking the bait and talking about “fake news” in any capacity…again. But it has become increasingly clear in the month and change since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine that we can always use a reminder when it comes to media literacy.

           The Russian government, of course, claims that everything the Ukrainians are saying about the bombing of hospitals, kindergartens, civilian apartment buildings etc. are lies. We have seen at least one protest live on Russian TV, and according to the Institute of Mass Media a minimum of 148 crimes against media since their invasion began. At least five journalists have died, six kidnapped. This is the reality of life in Ukraine for citizens, and it is the reality of life as a journalist, photographer, etc. for correspondents working in a war zone. I am comfortable, I get to sit in a control room every day, there is little to no inherent risk in directing newscasts. I see colleagues and friends however who are not comfortable, they are exhausted and they are in danger of bombs going off over their heads at any moment. Institutions do their best to keep journalists and their teams safe in times like these- but even some of the biggest, wealthiest outfits have suffered losses, a Fox News cameraman being one of them. This is evidence that the money of a giant corporation may not be able to keep these journalists safe; it is our job as a respectful audience to understand the truth of what is going on.

           Putin and his government claim that the videos of bodies hog tied and obviously tortured in the streets of Bucah have been “manufactured” by the Ukrainian government and the media. I don’t know how anyone but a sociopath could think up the images I’ve been seeing the past few days. Remember, just because something is being repeated online, doesn’t make it fact, that publishing video of Putin saying “it wasn’t me” doesn’t mean he’s being honest, that journalists from accredited organizations are working hard, sometimes dying, to get the world the truth. Remember that real people, are fighting for their lives, and say a prayer for Ukraine.

A few links below for further reading, or to help Ukraine:


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