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Fort Delancey

A year ago an old friend convinced me to try a beer he made…the rest is literally history. His small brewing company sunken ships brewing company celebrates the history of our hometown and surrounding area. With that in mind he and his partner created Fort Delancey Orange Gose. Fort Delancey or Bergen Neck Fort, as it was known by the Continental Army, was located in Bayonne, NJ (our hometown) was deserted by the Continental Army in October of 1776 and taken over by the British and renamed Fort Delancey for Major-General Oliver DeLancey.

The beer, is very tasty, and I was fascinated by the idea that “hometown boys brew beer and name it after a Revolutionary War fort.” Ok maybe that’s not the shortest way to a story, but I liked the idea of helping the guys tell the story of the fort, them through beer and me through documentary. Last spring and summer we put footage on film…er memory card, and started the process of making a short documentary about how the beer came to be, and what happened to the Fort. Finally, we are set tos hoot a few final scenes in the coming weeks. There was a local election that waylaid us, time spent finding historical experts, waiting for a sign to be erected, and of course managing schedules of people with day jobs who unfortunately cannot be full time documentarians.

We are so excited to be heading into the final chapter of this doc and can’t wait to share it with as many people as possible when we’re finished. In the mean time, follow the brewers on social media, and we’ll keep you updated while we shoot!


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