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Stanlaw Fitness November 21

I've had the pleasure of working with the Stanlaw Fitness team for a couple of years now, and the even greater pleasure of calling Mike Stanlaw a friend for even longer. When I first came back to Bayonne after a few years out of state and saw that Mike had lived his dream and founded a gym I knew it would end up being where I would work out.

I ran into Mike one day, while he was out on the street, hustling his business card to people. He's a guy that lays the groundwork himself, he doesn't expect to hire someone else to do it for him and ultimately in his business, as with fitness training, consistency pays off. We got to talking that day and it was meant to be, I said that I had been meaning to come in to sign up for his gym, and that seeing him on the street that day had to have been fate. I started as one of his clients right after the chance encounter.
Eventually, we talked about combining our businesses, to produce some free material that folks could use to help them in their work outs, be it motivational, nutritional, or specific training guides, Mike loved the idea. We made several videos together and then, as it happens, life got in the way, but during Corona Lockdown, when I more "officially" launched She Does It Live, I reached out to Mike. I knew he was sustaining his buisness with Zoom and Facetime training sessions. I signed back up with him, and he helped me reach out to other local small business owners to produce the "Bayonne Open for Business" video. Once life got semi back to normal and he was able to open the doors to his gym again, we started the videos back up with a new vigor. He relaunched his YouTube page and he has been my most loyal client. I love working with Mike because I know not only does he have a true passion for what he does, he's also one of the most community minded guys I've ever met. He loves to help people, be it achieving their fitness goals, or just by being a friend to lean on.

The team and clients at Stanlaw Fitness call themselves the Stanlaw Fit Family, and the feeling of family is real.

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